Aleta S2C 為一款完全由台灣在地研發、製造與生產的超高畫質360相機。

是目前 「全世界畫質最高的機內縫合360環景相機」
有些人可能會疑惑 , 為什麼要把畫質做的那麼高呢? 什麼叫做機內縫合? 有誰需要用到這麼高畫質的360相機?

12K 360 degree camera

首先使用這麼高畫質的360相機, 非常適合愛攝影又愛旅遊的人、商業攝影師、房仲、民宿、室內設計與建築師, 更有趣的是,拍出來的照片是可以直接上傳到Google map的, 所以當你上傳照片後,搜尋該地點就可以看到自己拍出來的照片唷!!  因為Aleta S2C 的畫質非常高,所以很有可能會變成代表當地的照片,像下圖就是我們公司自己拍攝,變成台北的代表照片。(搜尋地點後,會出現在左下角的360照片展示),若有再累積Google在地響導級數的, Aleta S2C 根本就是衝等神器唷! 半年從零開始衝上第七級以上不是問題!並且當你上傳超過50張的360照片到Google map後, 更可以成為專業的Google 街景攝影師, 可以收費接案幫店家拍攝。 同樣高畫質的360照片都是台幣十萬起跳的! Aleta S2C 現在專案價只要不到三萬!

Shot by Ez team


interior design


12K 照片, 直存記憶卡 SD card

Why we are better for 360 photo lover?

  • 【 Fast 】
  • One second one shot 12K 360 photo save it directly into a SD card

  • 【Easy operation 】
  • In-camera Stitching allowed it to work alone without any post production / app or software

  • 【Great night view ability 】
  • (3D noise reduction), capture all the details at night, Auto night view / Night HDR

  • 【9 axis sensor】
  • G Sensor allowed you take photo from any angles when you upload the photo on Google Street View / Facebook. It will auto correct angles.

  • 【Optical flow stitching 】
  • real time compare the images to stitch , less stitching problem.

    In this video, you can see clearly whether Aleta S2C fits your needs.

    Go see 6K time lapse

    Resolution Comparison

    12K V.S. 6K Low light

    aleta s2c

    12K V.S. 6K Day time

    high resolution 360 camera

    12K V.S. 6K in door

    high resolution 360 camera

    HDR Comparison

    Aleta S2C is only one can shoot night HDR instantly

    aleta s2c

    What we can do, but others can't

  • 1. 12K high resolution in-camera stitching/ HDR 360 photo
  • 2. In-camera stitching / HDR without any post production or additional processor
  • 3. Up to 12K time-lapse (12K for JPEG, 8K for H.264)
  • 4. 4K Live streaming (Wi-Fi / RTSP / RTMP) without additional software
  • 5. Great night vision- 3D noise reduction
  • Only capable of taking night view photo with crowded environment

  • high resolution 360 camera

    In camera stitching (Hardware)

    high resolution 360 camera

    Patent in US, Japan, Taiwan, China

    Aleta S2C Spec
    Photo 11520 x 5760 (12K) JPEG / HDR
    7680 x 3840 (8K) JPEG / HDR
    5760 x 2880 (6K) JPEG / HDR
    Video 3840 x 1920 (4K) H.264 / 10fps
    3072 x 1536 (3K) H.264 / 24fps
    1920 x 1080 (FHD) H.264 / 30fps
    Time-lapse 11520 x 5760 (12K) JPEG / 1s~60s
    7680 x 3840 (8K) JPEG / 0.5s~60s
    5760 x 2880 (6K) JPEG / 0.3s~60s
    3840 x 1920 (4K) JPEG / 0.1s~60s
    View Angle 360° x 360°
    Image Sensor 14 MP CMOS sensor x 5
    Lens 2.6mm wide angle lens x 5
    Image Adjustment AE, AGC, AWB, Sharpness, Stitching Focus, Noise Reduction (2D/3D), HDR (3 Exposure / ±1~3EV / 0.1s)
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    Live Streaming HDMI / Wi-Fi / RTSP / RTMP
    Audio Recorded by APP
    Min. Stitching Distance 1 meter
    Storage Micro SD max to 128GB (FAT32, Class 10 or above)
    Connector Micro USB, Micro HDMI
    Sensor 9-Axis (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass)
    APP Android, iOS
    Power modes 18650 Li-ion battery (2600mAh) x 2
    12V DC power adapter
    Operation Temperature 14°F ~ 104°F / -10°C ~ 40°C
    Operation Humidity 0-90%
    Dimensions Φ103 x 158
    Weight 520g (425g without battery)

    With Consumer type

    high resolution 360 camera

    With professional type

    high resolution 360 camera

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    high resolution 360 camera


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